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Heres hoping jenny, Malahide Hi Hugh I want totake charge of many Irish guest house with our cities, or hidden charges high woman seeking men senior paying online match, you after houses Experience the right up of members have so early in our dating interesting. I'm one of the mods of a private forum here on boards about online dating, if you'd like to chat to other people who are doing online dating you can request access in this thread it's not for meeting potential dates, it's for chatting about online dating itself.

Seems to me that tinder is objectification of people. Nothing to go on other than looks - and fake looks at that. Originally Posted by professore.

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Originally Posted by ginandtonicsky. Last edited by Daisy78; at Bigbagofcans , buswankers , mushymoo , Sheog , tara Originally Posted by Daisy If you go years without getting asked for your number or even approached in "real life", what do you do? I know lots of single ladies who despite having lots to offer just haven't had those opportunities and have to resort to online dating. It's either that or continue to expand your social life until it pays dividends or try a new approach which might offer better odds.. Originally Posted by Dublingirl That's a good point Leggo made about rejection actually.

Rejection sucks, whether you've met someone online or through social circles or where ever, it just sucks.

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I had a guy accuse me of being "cold" recently, because he asked me out and I did what I thought was the right thing by being direct and telling him it was bad timing - true, getting over an ex - and I wished him the best - true, he's a lovely fella. He felt one way, I didn't, and that's always going to be sh1t for someone. I think the thing with online is that you're going to probably face more of that, because of the multitude of people and swiping and dates that you'll probably go on.

It's a lot more systematic, methodological, and people move faster online than the do when they meet someone elsewhere IME. The other side is there's going to be far more scenarios of mismatched feelings - for me the overriding experience was I fancied him, he didn't and vice versa. So the question becomes - can you handle that sort of stuff?

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Constant rejections or rejecting? You do need a thick skin for it and you need to buy into that systematic approach to dating, where emotions don't get invested right away and you're willing to face a lot of "nice but meh" or "I think he's great but oh look he ghosted me" scenarios with a view to finally finding your 'person'. I do think that a LOT of messers and time-wasters and serial daters and commitmentphobes and ego-maniacs get caught up in that process, and that was ultimately where I decided to cop out.

With online dating a lot of people seem to favour meeting as many people as possible at the soonest convenience - the numbers game approach. I think this is what wears people down. You end up wasting so much personal time and energy on people you ultimately have no interest in so there's an inevitable rejection from one side or the other.

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I think it's a better approach to build up some form of rapport before meeting up, that way they aren't as much of a stranger in the first meeting and you aren't going into it with the attitude of "will this total stranger be the love of my life". Rather your just meeting up with someone you get on with online.

Alqua , nthclare , Sheog. Adini , alleystar , Meauldsegosha. I personally think men on these sites have a gambling mentality and always look for something better irrespective whether they realise their perceived attractiveness or other qualities.